Monday, May 21, 2012

The Great Wall

Saturday, Chris and I set the alarm for 6:00am and got a ride out to the Great Wall of China at Mutianyu, about an hour and a half northeast of Beijing.  The early hour was tough, but, man, it was worth getting there early before the tour buses!  We were on the first cable car from Mutianyu up to the Wall, and there it was.  I'd heard about it for years, had seen pictures, but nothing prepared me for the real thing.  We hiked it for about an hour and a half, totally in awe, and taking way too many photographs - as I sit here typing this two days later, I can still feel it in my calves.

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Mark Steinberg said...

Hard to believe that five years ago we spent three weeks in mainland China, including four days in Tibet. This was six months before the Olympics, and had an amazing time like you both seem to have had. The Forbidden City and the Great Wall are certainly among the highlights. Glad you got a chance to experience them. And the food.... gotta love all that Chinese food! :-)