Thursday, May 17, 2012


Forbidden City
We're spending the weekend in Beijing - at least Chris and I are.  Lucy gets to stay with her buddy, Elliot, this weekend, back in Singapore.  Chris is up here on business, so he worked today, while I pounded the pavement, scoping out the Tiananmen Square area, the old Peking area and the Lama Temple.  I am dazzled by the old imposing buildings, the unique style of the architecture and the history.  More later.....
Forbidden City

Lama Temple, Beijing
Forbidden City

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mom and Dad, Lucy here, things are good in Singapore (hot and humid as usual). I am having a great time! My host family is taking good care of me. The little girl Elliot loves me (and so do her parents). I think they may want to keep me, but don't worry, I love you guys best! Miss you and can't wait for you to come back home! Love, Lucy