Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 5 in Quarantine!

Still in quarantine, but the folks have come to visit every day except yesterday (Sunday), as there are no visiting hours.  It's great that this is the slow season here, as humans can visit several hours.  So on Saturday, when the hours are from 2 to 6, the folks came for most of that time.  We go out and play with the ball and Saturday, Chris furminated me (see pic), which felt really good!  Mom has a standing appointment to visit every day this week until I get sprung, which is Saturday!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sembawang ain't bad!

Well, here I am stuck at the Sembawang Animal Quarantine Station way out in the boonies on the North side of Singapore.  There are reservoirs and golf courses out here.  A really nice young East Indian lady runs the station, and she's actually a vet!  And there are a few nice guys helping her who are really nice to me and have said that I'm a good girl!

Chris and Ricky came by for a visit and were allowed to stay for an hour - I was really excited to see them, and we played a bit in our own private dog park. Look at the big kiss I gave my mom!  and, I was "hugging"  them alot, by going in and out, in an out of their legs - I think they were relieved that I was my normal self.  I'm not really used to the heat yet, so we went back in the kennel for a bowl of cold water.  They both said that I looked great, and the quilt that Ricky and Aunt Joni made for me made it through the ordeal, clean as a whistle.  

There are relatively few dogs at the station these days, so they are allowing extended visits.  Mom says she will come back tomorrow (Chris is in Penang) for two hours!  I hope she brings a ball to play with!  Maybe we'll just hang out in my kennel where it's cool, and she'll read to me!

This place is NOT what I expected!  It's not half bad, and my official release date is June 4!.... but I'd still rather be with my humans....

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'm here!!!!

My 4 paws are now in Singapore.  I'm spending the night at the airport and then will be transferred to Sembawang Animal Quarantine Station - ya think they'll provide a limo???  I hear that both of my humans will come for a visit Thursday afternoon for a walk - yippee!  My release date is officially set at June 4!  By the way, I flew,  from Denver to Changi Airport, 11,424 miles.... ya think they have Frequent Rawhide Miles?????   

BTW - I peed in the snow yesterday, and today, it was 88 degrees here, and predicted to be 92 degrees and thunder storms tomorrow....

More later!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Belly of the Beast

Then I got plopped into the back of this beast along with another guy about my size.  Lufthansa says that even though the entire cargo section is temperature- and pressure-controlled, the back of the 747 is a little warmer than the front -- so here I sat.  April for the big dawg was a mere 15,000 actual miles; heck, I'm going to knock off 11,000 myself in the next two long days.  My last look for a long time at Denver and Colorado around 4 pm Monday, May 23rd.

Move Day!

I wish all days could start like May 23!  Lying around dreaming for a while, most of it on my back...  then a run along, and in, the Blue River with my pal Maggie.  Back home for a quick pee in the snow as I got to know this nice lady with a big truck!  Hey, what's my new kennel doing in there???  No matter, time to play wih KiKi and Sunny for a little bit. a big drink, and now what?  Well if my new kennel is in that truck that's where I must be too.  I hopped right in and sat myself down,  Simple!  A trip down to Denver, a drop off at the Lufthansa cargo depot, a hop in the beast (below), and a few nasty bumps over Labrador Canada (I'm a sucker for irony!), a few more over the North Atlantic and POW! it's just after 4 pm May 24th in Frankfurt, Germany and I'm halfway home!  (either way you count it). I just called over to the main termnal to let the 'rents know I'm coolin my jets at this place:  Pretty nice digs but it can stink a bit with all the horses, birds, elephants, puma, and CATS!  that come through here, but I am getting the princess treatment!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The trip approaches....

I think Mom is getting a little anxious about me flying in the belly of a big plane.....

Just practicing....

So, here I am in the crate, practicing for the big trip.... it's in the living room now, so I'm just practicing, but I hear they're gonna pick me up on Monday morning, check me into the airport and then I'll be in the crate for a long time.... at least it will be close to my bed time!  And I hear that the crate is the biggest one you can get that isn't custom-made.... good thing I'm not a mastiff!  Mom spent 2 hours at the vet today, doing my paperwork... geez.  Then we went for a ski.  That was fun, but the snow was weird....