Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lo Hei

In Singapore, a boss is encouraged to hold a Lo Hei for his employees during Chinese New Year.  A Lo Hei is a feast that begins with a traditional salad of auspicious ingredients, arranged on a large plate or bowl, and then is collectively tossed by all at the table, using chopsticks.  This is performed with much shouting and rowdiness (see the video below).  Chris hosted a Lo Hei with about 35 employees at a local restaurant.  We all stood and tossed the salad, trying to toss it as high as possible without flinging on top of the group.  The higher one tosses, the more luck and good fortune comes to the participant - at 6'4", Chris figured he is in fairly good shape for the New Year.... This was followed by an incredible Chinese meal, including a whole marinated and grilled grouper.  Gung Xi Fa Cai!

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