Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dog Hash!

 We went to a dog hash last night, which was A HOOT!  Had never heard of the "hash harrier" concept, where a "hare" sets a trail through the woods... well, here, it was the JUNGLE.  Normally, the hash is for humans - a run, then beer drinking, and singing and bantering and rather raucous, yet civilized revelry, then eating.  This hash is for 
Before the run - notice how everyone is clean?

Notice the beagle being lifted up the river bank
humans and dogs, possibly the only of its kind.  Start and finish was next to a cul de sac in a park somewhere near the Malaysian border.  So, we went tromping through the mud for an hour, came back, washed up as best we could, then stood around for heckling, singing and then a hot meal.  The T-shirts I think are a yearly thing, as it was the group's 10th anniversary hash. As soon as we pulled up to the starting area, it looked like big fun, as folks were signing up, getting ready and dogs were unleashed, just wandering around, saying howdy do, getting patted.  It was great.  Lucy had a blast, and had no trouble scrambling over vine-choked logs, under mammoth ferns and across muddy streams.  She was up to her hips in limb-sucking mud at one point, got out on her own, brace and all!  I tell ya, hiking in Summit County during mud season was great training for this!

After the race - Lucy's brace is really black; Chris' leg is really not brown...

Notice the happy face next to Ricky's left leg...
Newbies drinking from dog bowls

On the trail
Happy kid!

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