Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wet market!

I went to Tekka Market in Little India yesterday, one of Singapore's larger "wet" markets.  This is a large multi-level space where one can buy vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, beans, herbs, spices, home-made noodles and pretty much every other food item in existence.  There are also hawker stand sections, where one can sit down and have a wonderful plate of goodies originating from Singapore, just about anywhere else in Aisa or the Middle East.  They are called "wet" markets, because the floors can get wet in primarily in the meat and fish areas - I don't go to those sections.....  Yesterday, I had a long list of veggies to buy, so hopped on a bus and went there, instead of going to my usual supermarket.  I love strolling past the spice stalls and catching a whiff - the big colorful tubs of turmeric, cayenne, cumin, etc. smell heavenly.  There are some stalls with big bags of dried stuff - haven't asked what they are yet..... (see pic).

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