Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sembawang ain't bad!

Well, here I am stuck at the Sembawang Animal Quarantine Station way out in the boonies on the North side of Singapore.  There are reservoirs and golf courses out here.  A really nice young East Indian lady runs the station, and she's actually a vet!  And there are a few nice guys helping her who are really nice to me and have said that I'm a good girl!

Chris and Ricky came by for a visit and were allowed to stay for an hour - I was really excited to see them, and we played a bit in our own private dog park. Look at the big kiss I gave my mom!  and, I was "hugging"  them alot, by going in and out, in an out of their legs - I think they were relieved that I was my normal self.  I'm not really used to the heat yet, so we went back in the kennel for a bowl of cold water.  They both said that I looked great, and the quilt that Ricky and Aunt Joni made for me made it through the ordeal, clean as a whistle.  

There are relatively few dogs at the station these days, so they are allowing extended visits.  Mom says she will come back tomorrow (Chris is in Penang) for two hours!  I hope she brings a ball to play with!  Maybe we'll just hang out in my kennel where it's cool, and she'll read to me!

This place is NOT what I expected!  It's not half bad, and my official release date is June 4!.... but I'd still rather be with my humans....

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