Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Move Day!

I wish all days could start like May 23!  Lying around dreaming for a while, most of it on my back...  then a run along, and in, the Blue River with my pal Maggie.  Back home for a quick pee in the snow as I got to know this nice lady with a big truck!  Hey, what's my new kennel doing in there???  No matter, time to play wih KiKi and Sunny for a little bit. a big drink, and now what?  Well if my new kennel is in that truck that's where I must be too.  I hopped right in and sat myself down,  Simple!  A trip down to Denver, a drop off at the Lufthansa cargo depot, a hop in the beast (below), and a few nasty bumps over Labrador Canada (I'm a sucker for irony!), a few more over the North Atlantic and POW! it's just after 4 pm May 24th in Frankfurt, Germany and I'm halfway home!  (either way you count it). I just called over to the main termnal to let the 'rents know I'm coolin my jets at this place: http://www.lufthansa-cargo.info/animallounge/en/  Pretty nice digs but it can stink a bit with all the horses, birds, elephants, puma, and CATS!  that come through here, but I am getting the princess treatment!

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