Sunday, March 20, 2011

Off to Singapore....

Hey, Folks - just an introductory comment from Lucy Blue Daly about our new adventure in Singapore!. The Big Chrissy is already there, working his butt off, as VP for Technical Sales for Symantec in Asia.  Mom is there now, looking for a place to live, hopefully next to a dog park!  She will go to Singapore for good at the end of May with me in tow via Lufthansa through Frankfurt - I'm a little nervous about that (Mom's a wreck about it!), but they have hired consultants to ensure that I'm comfy from origin to destination.

I hear the Big Chrissy has had durian in Singapore and chicken feet in Hong Kong.... (I think that's a right of passage in those parts)....

I'm staying with Nala and Jack Allison (and their humans) while Mom is gone, and I'm having lots of fun. 

I heard that my humans may have found a condo, and it is next to a dog park and not too far from the beach!  Confirmation will come shortly... Stay tuned!

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