Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mystery Squash

I first saw one of these in Sri Lanka, I think I had seen them in Singapore before, and then picked one up at Tekka Market. It's shaped like a large pear with a bumpy rind, kind of has the taste and texture of a cross between a cucumber and a zucchini.  Soaks up flavors around it like a sponge.  Just stir-fried it with garlic, chile padi and oyster sauce, and leeks and shiitake and a green veggie also unnamed, but I don't care. The guy at Tekka only knew the Chinese name for it, the chef in Sri Lanka called it a gourd squash, and then I googled it and came up with chayote, which supposedly originated in Central America. I'm stumped, but it tasted great!

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Karen Willis said...

Nice photo! Always loved how food could be photographed so well in that one spot in the tiny Belvedere kitchen. (given the time of day of course). Miss trying all the interesting goodies.