Friday, November 23, 2012

Rainy Season

Can you see the rain in this picture?!!!?  I think I need to up the ISO or the speed to capture the volume of water that is currently descending on this part of Singapore.  Holy cow - we have a rainy season with a vengeance this year!  More frequently than not, the rain arrives horizontally, in sheets, so any kind of "brelly" or waterproofs are useless.  Glad I ran Lucy out before it started - still caught a bit of it, whereupon, she tried to do her usual drying off by going back and forth between my legs.  She gets dry; I look like I peed myself....

1 comment:

brooke said...

hahahah Darwin does the same thing.
I was wondering if this is typical "rainy season" or extreme. Darwin HATES the daily thunderstorms (and we hate her barking!).