Friday, July 13, 2012


"I know there's a fish in there somewhere..."
Soon after Lucy made that last trip to Starbuck's, I went to the US for a couple of weeks, to visit moms (Chris' and mine), and to check on the house in Colorado, which seemed more urgent with the fires raging in our beautiful state.  Everything is fine, by the way.  I went on a few glorious hikes, including our usual Spruce Creek Loop with Larry and Elaine, Bosco and Maxx.  Maxx is Lucy's sweetie from back home.  He could care less about retrieving a ball - he IS a lab, after all.  But he LOVES to fish, and on the Spruce Creek Loop is one of his favorite fishing holes.  Don't think I've ever seen him catch a fish, and if he did catch a fish, I'm not sure what he'd do with it...

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