Monday, June 11, 2012

Changi Village Seafood

Back in Singapore last weekend, we rented a car, mostly to take Lucy to the Dog Hash, but also to enjoy other places in Singapore that are hard to get to with or without a dog.  We wanted to check out Changi Village which is located North of Changi Airport, on the Northeastern coast.  This is definitely a popular place on the weekend, and filled with great places to eat.  As we walked around the hawker stands, I became a bit concerned, as we saw no other dogs, just stray cats.  But then at the end of a row of stands, near the ocean, we spotted Changi Village Seafood, a restaurant that was very well attended, and with tables near a garden where we could discreetly sit with Lucy.  As it turned out, the owner was a dog owner, and was happy to seat all three of us.  We had probably the best hawker food I've tasted - bbq'd sting ray, a special homemade tofu dish, kailan with oyster sauce and two ice-cold Tiger beers.  This could be a monthly stop for us!  The only challenge was keeping Lucy on a short leash as protection for the cats.  Lucy doesn't like cats....

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