Thursday, April 12, 2012

Some answers....

Hey,  Folks!

Thought I'd answer some questions that came up as a result of the last posting.

A question came up about the "Dog Hash" - this is a wonderful way for a dog owner in Singapore to get out for some fun and exercise with their pooch.  It is held the first Saturday of every month, and more information can be found about it on their website (click on "Dog Hash" above).  Lucy had a BLAST in February, and again, last weekend.  I must say, the dog was amazing, as the course was very challenging - but then, I AM biased....

Drivers license - to rent a car here, one needs only a drivers license that is in the English language.  I think the requirement may change after one has lived here a while, as in years, but I'm not sure about that.  We just showed the rental company our US license, and that did the trick.

Regarding pet movers - the company we used to transport Lucy Blue from the US to Singapore,, moved Lucy from quarantine to our condo - part of the deal.  But there are many local pet movers here, if you don't have that kind of arrangement.  Let me know if you'd like the phone number of a guy with a nice van - he even takes us to the beach!

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Thanks for all your answers! :)