Sunday, December 18, 2011

Chowing down in Japan...

Hmmm.. how to choose?

Not quite finished yet with the Japan adventure.... there was the food.  On a cold, rainy afternoon, there is nothing like a steaming hot noodle bowl, of which we partook (is that a word?) a few times on our trip.  The best was in Hakone, in a little noodle place on Lake Ashi.  We had just visited the Hakone Shrine in a freezing drizzle and wandered back to town.  Chris seemed to be fine, but I was chilled to the bone.  My noodle bowl with soba and tempura did the trick.  I couldn't understand why the restaurant was deserted until we noticed a pizza place across the way packed with locals.....  

Noodle bowl in Hakone
Himalayan tea in Asakusa
In Tokyo, we found an awesome cafe in the Asakusa neighborhood, after a chilly, rainy walk through the shops.  We ordered Himalayan tea, which was served with sweetened condensed milk, then added a shot of Scotch, which really warmed things up!  One evening for dinner, we found  the Indian restaurant, Moti, owned by a Delhi family, where I had dined eons ago when I was living in Japan.  This was where I learned to love Indian food.

Christmas decorations

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