Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tiong Bahru Market

This is another local market, kind of in the middle of town, with a floor of local shops and a Food Centre, or hawker stand.  I'm posting a few pictures of this place, because I was fascinated by a few shops selling a variety of paper products:  paper cell phones, typewriters, housewares, printers, toys, just about anything.  Apparently, the Chinese have a custom where on special occasions, paper items are bought and then burned so that the remains will go to their ancestors.  Many of the items have designer names printed on them, to ensure that their ancestors are being provided the best merchandise.  I think I heard that some of the brand-name companies are suing the manufacturers of these paper products for copyright infringement.....  makes sense, I guess, but silly.  After, wandering around for a bit, my friend, Joanne, and I had another incredible meal at a hawker stand selling Thai food, for $4.00 a piece!

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