Friday, June 3, 2011

I'm home at last!!!!!!! - June 4, 2011

After 12 days of traveling in my crate, not knowing where the heck I was, or where I was going, and then hanging out in a kennel in a not-so-bad place, but only seeing my humans a couple of hours a day, I'm finally in my new home!  I was put in a nice van with a few buddies from the kennel, who also got sprung today, we pulled into a covered garage, and there were the 'rents to greet me!  Mom immediately ran me around to this nice park, where I rolled in the grass and peed and pooped, and then there was Chrissy!  

Then we went up our private elevator, walked in and bonus!  Half the place has cool, marble floors!  Man, that feels good!  

Mom said that some of my human friends asked about me the last couple of weeks..... thank you so much for your good wishes and safe travel vibes - I miss you guys, but I am really OK!!!! Love and licks, Lucy Blue...... just wondering where my next chewy is........

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