Saturday, April 30, 2011

BTW - I'm still in the SNOW!

Well, while I'm hearing about the tropical weather in Singapore from Chris, I'm still stuck here in Breck with the snow continuing to pile up - IN APRIL FOR PETE SAKES!!!!!..... but I like it!  Hope there's snow in Singapore!

And Another Thing about Tokyo!

You have got to love the Japanese!  Sticking together during the quake and the Tsunami (you probably know it's a Japanese word "harbor wave")... and now this.  You probably know Kit Kats -- but these are WASABI Kit Kats!!! Not for my refined tastes but they really do have a wasabi kick. Dawg told me he went out for sashimi in Tokyo and.... no wasabi in sight!  Then he saw others picking up a green radish on the table and grating it!  wow!  fresh wasabi!  The radish is the little thing on the Kit Kat label under the leaves.  Yum!   so says he....ah, these Kit Kats are only available in Japan....

Tokyo! Not a NO PETS sign in sight!

Hey Handsome!  Nice ball ya got there!!!  Look at this sweet boy with his tennis ball right around the corner from this big temple with Budda inside.  Budda has a Buddy! 

Tokyo loves their dogs!

Some big time Budda temple, eh?  right out back was where that handsome golden was chewing on his ball!  lucky boy, eh?

Lovin the Lawn!

The Australians know how to do grass!  lawns that is. I could roll in that for weeks and weeks... This is the Botanical Gardens in Sydney right down by the harbour.  and again, Dawg's office is about ten minutes away! beyond the lawn is the water (woof woof!)  and then a big thing with another big thing behind it that I don't care about.  People do - I'm here for the lawn.

ahhhh, maybe not for me

Well, BDtT (Big Dawg that Talks)  tells me that in four days in Beijing, not one pooch was in site.  No Police Pooch, no Great Pooch of the People, nothing. But, the good news is that the Symantec office is a ten minute walk from the Forbidden City - just beyond the picture of The Chairman here.  Big Dawg says all the people peddling bicycles are now in Porsche's.  boomtown.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

From the Top to The Tropics!

OK - a little reality check here...  all those pictures of green grass, palm fronds and bamboo gardens are inviting...  but here is me today.  about to walk on to the roof from the record snowfall this year!!! Oh: Big Dawg flew 21,176 miles in the month of March and was in Beijing and Hong Kong (three times).  By my figgering, that's 622 hikes from my house to Copper Mountain and back on the Wheeler Trail.  I could do that.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

what the heck is that!

I think it's some kind of fruit!  maybe let it sit in the sun for a day and then I'll roll in it.

a Singapore BOOOOOOOMER!

No, not talking about the 'rents who are baby boomers, I'm talking about the tropical thunderstorms that come flying through dropping the equivalent of two feet of Breckenridge White Gold in about fifteen minutes and then move on to Malaysia.  Here's one the Dawg talked about.  with a little view of the coy koy getting pelted just beneath my nest.
all about the princess...  (me).  here's my new deck!  three stories up, looking over the best park in Singapore and just at tree top level!  a cover overhead so I can luxuriate in the warm and not get soaked with the occasional thunder boomer.

Food, Glorious Food!!!!

Hey Folks!!  OK, it's not like I have a huge command of the English Language.  BUT, I can hear five times better than humans across a much broader range and i can SMELL 200 times more than humans!  So, when the Big Dawg was talking with mom the other  day, he was talking about chicken feet, durian, bak kut teh garbage to you, maybe, but a delight in the new digs! Big Dawg says we live about a ten minute walk from some hawker stands where they have wonderful cheap food.  The picture is where Dawg found some laksa and a beer all for under five bucks!  sure, no dogs allowed, but there is a lovely lawn where I can hang, sniff, and eat all the parts of a pig we never see in the USofA!  all with the 'rents in full sight.  Watch me put on the pity look!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

First night in the condo

Well, Chris spent the first night in the condo, with a recently-delivered mattress, one teak chaise on the balcony, an iPod radio playing Clapton and a bottle of Chivas....that's all for now...